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Dive into the flavorful history of our business.

Talk to Us

Meet Sharla McDaniel 

“My name is Sharla D. (Jackson) McDaniel and I am the proud owner of JACKS BBQ Sauce in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In January 2012, I entered the Dr. Martin Luther King Soul food cook-off where my smoked brisket won the grand prize. Everyone loved the sauce I used and kept asking if it was available for purchase.

While at the cook-off, another vendor tasted my sauce and asked if I bottled it to which I replied no. He then provided me with information about his sauce manufacturer and told me to contact them. Hence, in June 2012, Just Another County Kickin’ Sauce JACKS BBQ Sauce was bottled and ready for sale.”


In October 2012, JACKS BBQ Sauce placed seventh out of over 500 entries in the tomato mild category at the American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest in Kansas City, Kansas.

Humble Beginnings

Just Another County Kickin’ Sauce JACKS BBQ Sauce was founded by Sharla D (Jackson) McDaniel. She grew up on a farm outside the small town of Boynton, Oklahoma. Her passion all started at the age of 14 when her dad, Jack H. Jackson, taught young Sharla how to cook.

One day, she was barbequing when halfway through cooking, she discovered that she didn’t have any sauce. So, with her creativity, she opened the cabinet, threw together some spices and ketchup, and the rest is history!


We have a unique recipe that is far different from any other sauces you have tasted. JACKS BBQ Sauce is a unique blend of seasoning with a little kick, enhancing the natural flavors of meats and seafood with an infused taste that will leave you wanting more.

The JACKS BBQ Sauce recipe has been perfected for over 41 years. So, if you think you already have a favorite sauce, give JACKS BBQ Sauce a try and add a little kick to your life.

We love giving back to the community and being a part of everyone's success. We are passionate and driven to taking Jacks BBQ sauce to the next level.  

Our Mission

We are dedicated to sharing our distinctive and incused flavor with customers across the nation.

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